Nathan Green Gordon
Nathan Green Gordon was born on 4 September 1916 in Morrilton, Arkansas. He graduated from Columbia Military Academy in 1933. He participated in varsity football and baseball.

He then attended Arkansas Polytechnic College and the University of Arkansas, graduating with a Law Degree in 1939. He was a member of the team that won a conference title for the Southwest Conference in 1936.

In 1941, he enlisted in the US Naval Reserve. Gordon completed flight training and received his Navy wings in 1942. He served in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II earning two Distinguished Flying Crosses and six Air Medals. On 29 April 1944, President Franklin D. Roosevelt awarded Lieutenant Gordon the Congressional Medal of Honor for "extraordinary heroism above and beyond the call of rescuing personnel...shot down in combat over Kavieng Harbor in the Bismark Sea." He was released from active service as a Lieutenant Commander in 1945. He then returned to Morrilton, resuming his law practice. In 1946 he was elected lieutenant governor for the State of Arkansas, an office he held for 20 years. He continued law practice until retiring in 1992.