Mariemma Grimes
Mariemma Grimes began her dedication of love at Columbia Military Academy in 1952. Her first assignment, Secretary to the President, introduced her to Colonel C.A. Ragsdale, the first of 13 Chief Executive Officers who have occupied the post.

She is a native of Lewisburg, Tennessee and was married to the late Thomas Grimes. Her "children" were the cadets who sought advice, support and comfort from her - and there have been hundreds.

Student yearbooks have twice been dedicated to her. Mrs. Grimes was the only employee who served Columbia Military Academy and Columbia Academy. Her dedication was unequaled. As one yearbook expressed it, "...she had bridged the distance between home and school in so many ways...she is there - at any time - just to be their "Mom away from home"... Although she has not been blessed with children of her own, she has hundreds of sons whom she has taught the meaning of faith, love of fellow man and disclipline." Mariemma Grimes is truly a legend of love.