Thomas Fite Paine, Jr.
Thomas Fite Paine, Jr. was born 13 February 1918 in Aberdeen, Mississippi. He attended Columbia Military Academy graduating in 1934. From there he attended Vanderbilt University and received his bachelor's degree in 1939 and his Medical Degree in 1942.

After service with the Army Medical Corps during World War II, Dr. Paine joined the staff of Harvard Medical School, where he remained until 1953.

From there he received numerous fellowship awards for research. His principal work was a series of pioneer studies on the side effects of antibiotics. His distinguished career took him to key positions with Cambridge University, England, Harvard University and the University of Michigan. These were followed by assignments at the University of Alabama Medical Center and Vanderbilt University. From the 1950s until 1972, Dr. Paine was a consultant to the National Institute of Health. During 1975-76 he was the Fulbright Lecterer in Medicine at Science University in Penang, Malaysia.