Christmas Ornaments Feature CMA Buildings

CMA Crest  Old Main
Guard House  Academy Hall
Ragsdale Hall

    The CMA Museum is sponsoring the development and sale of CMA Christmas Tree Ornaments in time for Christmas 2009.  We have ornaments for each of the original limestone buildings as well as one of the CMA Crest.  These ornaments will make a great addition to your Christmas Tree and can also be meaningful gifts for family members.  To order, simply complete this form and mail the form with a check made out to CMAAA to the address at the bottom of the form.  Please order by Thanksgiving to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.  If you have questions, call Woody Pettigrew at (256) 653-7303 or e-mail at
Ornament SpecifiedQuantityPrice
   CMA Crest$20 each
   Old Main$20 each
   Guard House$20 each
   Academy Hall$20 each
   Ragsdale Hall$20 each
   Note: All Five Ornaments$80 total

NAME _______________________________________________________________

ADDRESS _______________________________________________________________
CITY, STATE, ZIP _______________________________________________________________

Please make checks payable to CMAAAand mail this form and check to:
Woody Pettigrew, 101 Springton Drive, Madison, AL  35758