Columbia Military Academy Alumni Association


Eligibility: Anyone who attended CMA through 1980 is eligible to join the Association. List your name and the year you graduated or would have graduated. Add the letters NG after the "Graduation Year" if you did not graduate.

1. Name __________________________________________________

2. Graduation Year ____________ or Year you would have Graduated.

3. Street or P.O. Address_____________________________________

4. City, State, Zip___________________________________________

5. E-Mail Address__________________________________________

6. Current or Former Occupation and Company Name if applicable


7. Check One:   I can download the Quarterly Bugle from the website, so don't mail me a hard copy.

                          I would like a hard copy of the Bugle mailed to me quarterly.

Dues Schedule:

August of 2021 to August 2023 = $50.00 ($25.00 per year)

Please make your check to: "CMA Alumni Association" for the appropriate amount and mail it along with a copy of this application to:

CMA Alumni Association

804 Athenaeum Place

Columbia, TN 38401-3156