the supple flick of his wrist, Coach would "zing" inattentive cadets with pieces of chalk. The spent projectiles were eagerly recovered for coach by fellow classmates. To nod off was to be awakened by heavy ordnance... Webster's New World Dictionary. As the hefty volume became airborne to its sedentary objective, the cover would flutter off like a startled egret.

Coach silently recorded a "+" in his red teacher's ledger for each correct answer and then moved promptly elsewhere with the next question. If a response was slow in coming, he chided impatiently, "Hells Bells son, grandma was slow, but she was 120 years old!" To an incorrect answer he would comment dryly, "I see." Then record a "0" and immediately ask the same question to another cadet. After accumulating two consecutive zeroes, Coach Jones would rise, walk over, bend down and peer into your eyes as he described the severity of your transgression. The longer Coach talked, the more incensed he would become. The higher