Maj. Thomas G. Jones, Faculty '53-'79;

Died at age 70 Saturday, December 18, 1993, at Veterans Hospital in Murfreesboro. He was the son of the late Clarence T. and Mildred Griggs Jones of the Burwood Community in Williamson County. He lived most of his early life in Old Hickory and was a graduate of Dupont High School where he excelled in sports (a member of the 1942 State Championship Football Team).

Combat English Revisited
by B.E. Clement Jr.

When my friend Jack Muth published Coach Thomas G. Jones, An Inspiration Academically & Physically... A Discipline for Life, he eloquently expressed the sentiment of many Columbia Military Academy cadets. Coach Jones was one of the most beloved characters of our Columbia Military Academy experience. While the following account, composed more than 30 years after the fact, sacrifices some historical specificity for the sake of brevity, it represents a sincere effort to preserve for posterity the essence of Coach Jones' unique style of instruction. It is once again Fall, 1963:

"Welcome to Combat English gentlemen. My name is Tom Jones. In my class you will learn English or you will quickly learn why it's called 'Combat English.' The day that I can't teach anyone that walks through that door is the day that I hang up my jock strap!" With those unforgettable words he