"Uh, Major Hamilton, sir, if uh, someone threw a grenade into your company sir, uh, I was just wondering if you would lie down on top of it to save the life of your men, sir? As he sat down the bully smiled a silly, approval seeking grin at his gifted buddy who in turn feigned dismay over the absurdity of the question.

Major Hamilton responded decisively, "Mr.____, while your question bears no relevance to the subject at hand, I will nevertheless address it. Yes, I would like to think that I am capable of such a selfless act, but the truth is that until the occasion arises, no one ever knows what he will do. Heroism is in most instances spontaneous, not premeditated. Also, the person who will lay down his life for others is usually not one of the "good ole boys." He is far more likely to be the quiet fellow who feels awkward in social situations and who pitches his tent and eats alone at the edge of the camp. He will go largely unnoticed and totally unappreciated until after the traumatic moment has passed. It has been