Major Roy Hamilton, as Matador
by B.E. Clement Jr., Class of 1967

As a professor of military Science, Major Roy Hamilton was the embodiment of military expertise and human excellence. He projected the perfected blends of self-confidence and reserve, expediency and proficiency, humility and resolve. Major Hamilton's military science presentations were as meticulously prepared and flawlessly executed as his uniform was finely tailored and decorated. One day a cadet, well know for his big mouth and gregarious behavior mistook the Major's average stature and mild manners for weakness. The bully interrupted the lecture with a question calculated to be both embarrassing to the Major and disruptive to the class. The bully, a 230 pound football player, had a very bright buddy who seemed to enjoy vicariously his obnoxious and uninhibited performances. As the bully rose from his seat he feigned seriousness as he popped the ridiculous question: