Alabama, got "shipped," so that left three: Ted Ross from Clarksville, Alfred Orr from Columbia and myself from Nashville. Smart? We were so smart we figured out how to work a pin up through the cane bottom of Captain Eskew's chair.

When the faculty officer entered the room, the class was called to "attention!" and when he returned the salute of the ranking cadet, the command "seats!" was given. We all started down into our seats, but when Captain Eskew hit that pin, he started back up yelling "oh! oh! oh!" Looking down into the chair he located the cause of his pain. There the three of us sat. Weren't we smart?

Well, instead of English that period, the good captain gave us a stern, stern lecture. We all thought we would be put on the bull ring for sure; but as it turned out, Captain Eskew was the only one that got "stuck."