back to their bedrooms, enjoying the fresh morning air, and the rays of a fully risen sun as they find their way down through the treetops to the dewy bluegrass under the feet of the Columbia Military cadets.

At 8:00 we have a chapel period, which helps to start the day very well, indeed. Half an hour later the day's classes begin, which are slightly over half an hour each. As the breezes blow through the open windows, birds fly by, and the toot of the occasional train whistle floats to our ears, schoolboys are urged along the flowery paths of knowledge. After two or three classes there is a recess for a quarter hour, so that cadets may rest a bit before their final three classes. At 1:00 recitation is all over, and the young gentlemen reluctantly leave the peacefully drowsy atmosphere of their classrooms for lunch. As they file in again to the dining room, cheerful, white-coated waiters serve their every wish, so that no tummy may be left with any doubt whatever of the opportunities awaiting it there.