When this second repast is completed, and all hunger pangs have been stayed, everyone saunters to his respective dwelling, each boy and teacher displaying an unsurpassable look of contentment.

At 2:00 the rested and considerably refreshed cadets become anxious for some action, so a special period has been set aside from 2:00 to 3:00 where they may romp around and, if willing, learn a little of what a rifle is made of and how to use it. This will no doubt be of infinite value to them in their later years of fox or deer hunting.

After the "drill" period, cadets are free for the afternoon to play tennis or records, read, write letters, or go to town to a good movie.

At 6:00 we stand in formation and listen to the stirring strains of the Star Spangled Banner as Old Glory is lowered from its place on the flagpole.